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Wanna have THE workplace?

Wanna be THE place for innovation, talent and profitability?

Then you need your

Workplace Business Blueprint!


Taking action is not enough!

A great employee, a great team, a great company, and a great success doesn’t just happen. Taking massive action is for sure a good way to start. 
But greatness? That requires a plan.

You want to be THE place for talent, innovation and profitability? To get there you have to work with inclusion as a key factor. You have to know how to recruit, develop and retain. You need a Business Blueprint of the work you put in for your most valuable asset - your team. 

Where do you want to start?


Boost your knowledge! 

Do you know the most important steps of getting the workplace of your dreams or the basic rules of attracting top talents to your company? 

No?! Then you don’t want to miss my FREE blueprint material on how to create THE workplace!

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Create THE workplace!

What it takes to survive the competition and build a successful company? You need, not only to recruit a kick-ass team but also create THE workplace that makes them want to stay. But fret not - every week you can tune into the lastest, the greatest and the most actionable tips, tricks and know-how in how to do just that. Over a decade of competence in your ear wherever you are to secure your Workplace Business Blueprint. 


Let me be your wingwoman!

Work through your vision, values and code of conduct - the foundation of what will make you succeed. Create the blueprint of how the team will grow and who is to be recruited next. The possibilities are endless and tailored just for you! 


What others say...


Sofia shines brightly with her genuine commitment to inclusion issues and opens up new ways of thinking and approaching these issues. An incredible commitment and you leave the room inspired, lifted and with tools and insights. ”

/ Johan Huhtamaa

Akademikerförbundet SSR

Sofia is committed, knowledgeable, concrete and responsive to the group. That's how a good educator should be. That's Sofia. She raises the issues with such commitment and clear knowledge that I forget to take notes. She takes her whole self with her and makes the rest of us do the same. Thanks!"

/ Alexander Holmberg
Keynote speaker
Alexander Holmberg AB

"Sofia has an awesome ability to drive change processes. She is knowledgeable, strategic, humble and has a passion for making things happen. Above all, she gets others to get involved and follow along on the journey."

/ Susanne Fuglsang

Innovation Pioneers

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