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What are we about ?

Create THE Workplace is a brand under the company Oubaitori which mission it is to guide more start- and scale-ups to success. Why? Because they are the workplaces of tomorrow with the innovation, creativity and diversity to make a difference. For real. 

But a great team, a great company, and a great success doesn’t just happen. Greatness requires a plan.

Oubaitori helps you with that plan.


When you cooperate with us, we secure an inclusive, sustainable and top of the line Business Blueprint for your most valuable asset - your team. 

Man och kvinna vid ett skrivbord med datorer och arbetsverktyg. Kvinnan skrattar och mannen är glad.

Oubaitori was founded by Sofia Stigendal in 2021.


"Mother of three, a bachelor in Human resouce management, an inclusion and changemanagement expert and a lover of icecream". 


A fast-growing company is like a roller coaster run by entrepreneurial people on the go.

Sofia was one of these people working then to privatize the pharmacy market. High pace, no blueprint to follow, building from the ground up while the whole of Sweden watched a societal change that affected everyone.


Projects that take years were completed in a few months. New colleagues started 20 at a time. Leaving the global CSR department and the sustainability perspective at H&M was not an easy decision. But the pharmacy world was a chance too good to say no to.


Sofia knows how rewarding it is to be able to contribute to real change. Today, she helps you to create an outstanding workplace, where differences are the norm and both inclusion and sustainability are clear business benefits.

Dekorativ bild
Bild på grundaren Sofia och hennes tre barn gåendes nedför backe.
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