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Let me be your wingwoman! 

"There will be no change if you don't dare to challenge. It is hard. It is difficult. But it's worth it, and I'll be right there with you every step of the way" – Sofia Stigendal


Do you need inspiration? Or perhaps a boost of knowledge? 

Work through your vision, values and code of conduct - the foundation of what will make you succeed. Create the blueprint of how the team will grow and who is to be recruited next.

I create a lecture or workshop around THE workplace, inclusion and change management just for YOU! 


More than 70% of all fast growing businesses fail. Why? Too many of them underestimate the importance of a strong people strategy.


But you don't have to be one of those companies!

Every year I work with a handfull of people in my Workplace Business Blueprint program. I'll guide you, teach and be right next to you creating THE workplace for your business. 

You'll learn things like how to recruit and build a team as well as how to structure the ongoing processes you have to master. But above all, it is custom made for where you are right now since we'll also be working 1-1. 

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